It’s difficult to know what exactly I will use this blog for. But it’s safe to say that its mere existence, coupled with my tendency to express strong, biased, often quite brash opinions (no, steak should never be eaten well done or with ketchup, and yes, kale is the new cupcake), means that it will almost certainly get me in trouble one day soon. That is, of course, if I do my job and get people to read it.

Let’s be blunt: a big part of what I do is capture attention and convince people to buy what I’m selling. To clients, I sell a service that crafts compelling stories about products, events, and points of view, among other things. To purveyors of media, however, I’m selling content, and it’s my job to persuade media gatekeepers to lend me access to their audience. Why would anyone hand over their hard-earned viewers, readers, and listeners to me? That’s simple: I’ve got something that they’ll really want to know about and, better still, something that will keep an audience coming back for more.

The only reason I’m so confident in my firm’s ability to craft and promote irresistible business narratives is because we always begin with good raw materials. I don’t care how good your connections are or how many steaks (or kale, for that matter) you buy for bookers and editors, if you’re looking for media attention, you have to have a great product and a genuinely engaging message. I’m very lucky to work with some of the brands I admire most, and it is an honor for me to be able to bring their stories to the world. In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing some of those stories here. But for now, here’s a recent picture of my dog Jack.